We have (almost) arrived

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever signed—a piece of paper from our builder stating that we officially take ownership on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Holy moly it’s finally here. Of course a small piece of me is over here like, yeah yeah, I’m sure we’ll be able to move in that day [insert eye roll]. But a really big piece of me is DYING thinking we will spend our first night in our house so very soon. Continue reading We have (almost) arrived

This place is LIT

WE CAN SEE!!! For two years, we’ve worked on and looked at our house by flashlight, headlamp or trouble light unless it was during the daylight hours (which, let’s be honest, with our schedule is a rarity). Not anymore. Last week, lighting installation began and we spent a good 20 minutes embracing our inner-toddlers and flipping every switch in the house on and off.  Continue reading This place is LIT

Splish Splash

One of the countless side projects on our to-do list was to clean up the clawfoot tub we pulled out of the shack (if you’re not familiar with the shack, check it out here) to repurpose in our master bathroom. It was in rough shape from sitting unused for so long in the foreclosed house, so it definitely needed some TLC before coming into the new house for installation. Continue reading Splish Splash


I had to check to see when my last post was, which tells you things have been going flawlessly… (it was July 15). We had another major project pause when more hiccups came up and took a few months to resolve. I’m not going to get into the details (partly because it’s all a little fuzzy at this point—I think I’m starting to block it all out for my own safety), but the important thing is we got over the hump (again) and have been moving at a good pace.  Continue reading Surviving

The fall schedule

No, I’m not talking about the Buckeyes, but they’ll be sprinkled in! 

August has been a nuts-o month for us. Dan went back to school (for his LAST CLASS woo!) and I started my MBA program. There are lots of wedding activities going on for friends and Dan’s brother/future sister-in-law. And thankfully, there have been preparations for lots of build progress. We met with our builder a couple of weeks ago to go over some loose ends and walked away with a long to-do list. Continue reading The fall schedule

Hello walls

I clearly recall a very, very long and chilly night spent with Dan last March—the “last night” before drywall—which was our final chance to finish our low-voltage wiring. I think we wrapped up around 4 a.m. tired, cold and grumpy. The next day? No drywall. The next month? No drywall and all work comes to a halt.  Continue reading Hello walls